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Financial Engineering


o Financial Stability Model
Karvan Finances accompanies Companies Head and Financial Directors in their financial stability modelisation.

Our approach consists in developing through a pointed diagnosis, key indicators of financial performance specific to each company facilitating decision makers to have signals on the financial stability behaviour.
Our approach also consists in deploying corrective measures in order to secure companies against a degradation of financial stability.

o Strategic & Financial Model
Karvan Finance provides to Companies Heads a range of tools in order to drive their vision by materializing the adequacy between financial health of the company and its strategy.

The Company Head will thus have a tool enable him to observe the behaviour of his strong conviction and to adjust it in accordance with disproportions between his thought and the achievements.

Our approach consists in building a long term model using the parameters and the technical, commercial, macro-economic, tax, contractual, countable and financial data’s.

o Deal Strategy
Karvan Finance accompanies the investors and companies salesmen in defining deal strategies.

Our approach consists in undertaking on behalf of the investor a study leading to the dilution incidence of the target interest in the investor’s global portfolio and to the needs of repurchasing the target.
Our approach also consists in accompanying the salesman in the choice of sell options and identifying the likely major arguments of boosting target value.

o Leverage Financing
Karvan Finance accompanies investors and salesmen in the getting leverage financing as Leverage Buy Out (LBO) and Leverage Management Buy Out (LMBO).
Our approach consists in carrying out a detailed diagnosis on the target’s financial structure, analyzing the borrower’s or leader’s capacities as well as their wiliness to restructure the company.

Our approach then consists in developing arguments likely to guide the decision of the shareholders.


o Financial Engineering

o Financial Stability Model

o Strategic & Financial Model

oo Deal Strategy

o Leverage Financing















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