Dear Netsurfers,

During the last two millenary, the science of monetary flows was largely inspired by the developed countries as well as all the inventions which actually guide the economies of the terrestrial sphere. It was clearly observed a disproportion between the Northís economies and those of the South, these last coldly undergoing all the options, orientations and jolts coming from the first. The American financial crisis which was moulted into the world economic crisis of this started 21st century is without any doubt the strict application of this remote principle.

Its has been noted, the saturation of the Western economies, the existence of a world economy deregulation, the weaknesses of key controls around financial reporting and the absence of a concrete innovation on the markets likely to strengthen the capitalistís doctrine and therefore, a perfect social being. Some has minding of a temporary economic crisis, others has thinking about a structural semi crisis originated by the high finance, and others again has explore it has a major crisis whose tares are to be sought in capitalism fundamentals.

For the first time since the Breton Woodís agreements, the largest leaders of the world met at the beginning of the year 2009 with the purposes to carry out a second reading of the ongoing agreements, and to set out a world finance new vision. There were promises of a financial systemís regulation, there were revival plans more national than international which at a time given have contribute to remind the Welfare state strategy. But, the world has retained an announcement of new era. With the accession of President Barack Obama at the head of the most powerful country of our planet, which, after being qualified by several commentators as the "Black Moses", the world has been consolidated that new parameters had been just revealed by the Universe for the purposes to perfect a good social being of any heart.

Through the remarkable identities theory, the hope has clearly appeared at the majority of Africans and certain Western, on the promise made by Jesus-Christ to rebuild the day third, the temple destroyed by the non aligned with the laws and precepts of the supreme divinity, which is translated according to the Roman calendar into third millennium. It is not useless to specify that a good number of agencies, organizations and researchers international largely bet on the takeoff of Africa during the current millennium, therefore the chance can surprise only those with a limited knowledge. It is not useless to mention an existence of a strong correlation between the arrival of President Barack Obama to the capacity, the speeches on the takeoff of Africa, the world leaderís orientations on the financial systemís reforms with the seeks of a strong social body enable to provide an unlimited life to the human body.

This adequacy results in the width of:
* Financings needs coming from the African countries;
* Disengagement policies of the public sector;
* Research by the multinational corporations of new markets with competitive production cost;
* Implementation in Africa of Occidentalís mature markets;
* African corporations commitment to fasten with the good governance precepts;
* Determination of African corporations to maximize their values in order to ensure a good being of its habitants.

According to this favourable wind around business in Africa, a group of senior experts of the worldwide high finance has joined my initiative to create "Karvan Finance" with main ambition "To maximize Corporate Value". Moreover, it is not only a question of accompanying corporations to release a probable best economic and financial return, but more especially to assist them into the optimization of the social and human output, which allows a decent life to everybody under the control of the universal and republican values. We have choose to install our registered office in Douala, an economic capital of the Republic of Cameroun, which, with the favour of the new dynamics movement of its economy, seems to be the starting nerve centre of a new time for the African economies, even, of a new visibility of African Finance. We based our values on: Responsibility, Integrity and Excellence.

Our first vocation is to accompany the development of Africa in order to contribute to our manner into the witnessís passage that will be the basis of a world in Peace. Dear Netsurfers, Please allow me now to expend you my welcome on our website, which certainly will fill your waiting. Our teams are day to day at your disposal in order to meet all your needs.

Managing Director & Partner